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When evaluating the status of your own environment, there are strong reasons to get more information about your drinking water, surface water, and the soil you depend on for a healthy and balanced life.

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(From WaterWorld, March 2006) The Earth Policy Institute warns that increasing use of bottled is not the answer to the world's drinking water needs. The group reports that demand for bottled water is increasing even in areas where tap water is safe to drink, and in the industrial world bottled water is often no healthier than tap water, yet it can cost up to 10,000 times more. Making plastic bottles to meet US demand for bottled water requires more than 1.5 million barrels of oil annually and 86% of the

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Drinking water, chlorinated pesticides profile Water test that provides information on 20 different chlorinated pesticides, many of which have been banned but can persist. Tested components include: Aldrin, a-BHC, b-BHC, d-BHC, g-BHC (Lindane), DDD, DDE, DDT, Dieldrin, Endosulfan I, Endosulfan II, Endosulfan Sulfate, Endrin, Endrin Aldehyde, Endrin Ketone, Heptachlor, Heptachlor Epoxide, Methoxychlor, Toxaphene, and Chlordane.

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